Achillea millefolium 'Walther Funcke'
Garden Plant Information

Achillea Walther Funcke with ornamental grass


Achillea Walther Funcke and a small bee



Achillea millefolium 'Walther Funcke' (also called Yarrow 'Walther Funcke')






'Walther Funcke'

General description

Hardy, herbaceous perennial grown for large flat heads of small open orange flowers that open from early summer to autumn. This is a bright and easy plant to grow, which adds colour and goes so well with grasses and other perennials.


It is very attractive to beneficial insects, especially bees and hoverflies.

Season of interest

Summer to autumn.

Key horticultural features

  1. Habit - upright. H&S: 50-60cm

  2. Stem - grey-green, lightly haired, round.

  3. Leaves - grey-green, finely dissected and feathery-looking.

  4. Flowers - domed heads of small open orange flowers.


Cultural details


Does best in full sun.


Well drained, can cope with some drought.




Needs to be lifted and divided every two to three years to keep plant vigour, as the centres tend to become woody and unproductive.


In my garden it attracts slugs and snails. If you want to be organic and slugs and snails are attacking your Achilleas, try keeping the newly divided plants in pots until they are about 20cm high. By this time, the stems shouldn't be as soft so ought to be less attractive. I've tried this and found it works quite well. Planting into warm soil and only watering the planting hole also helps.



Dig up, remove and pot up rooted stems from around the edge of the clump. Achilleas will also self-seed - you can leave them be or pull out the extras.