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Miranda's gardening & wildlfie blog for the Royal Horticultural Society blog has links here from 2009 up to 2012

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The wildlife gardening blog records interesting events and things Miranda finds in the gardens she works in

over the course of her day.

From insects, birds and other creatures, to the signs and other evidence of their passing, her 'wild about gardening'
blog highlights the web of life and the extraordinary variety of 'stuff happening', often right under our noses in ordinary
English gardens.

July 2014 - Miranda's new blog:

Garden for life - Sharing the world with plants and wildlife


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Wild About Gardening - RHS blog - Miranda Hodgson - 2012


July 2012

Chafer beetle on the lawn - tread on it or let it go?

Grey squirrels and young birds visit the garden

June 2012

A sparrowhawk visits the garden

Sparrows, and other birds, return to the garden

The young Great Spotted Woodpeckers have left the nest

May 2012

The great spotted woodpecker eggs have hatched

Unwelcome guests in the garden

Great Spotted Woodpeckers are nesting in the garden

April 2012

Bluetits find a good use for tennis balls

February 2012

Blackbirds fighting to the death

January 2012

Finding earthworm middens in the courtyard

What are the worms up to?

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Wild About Gardening - RHS blog - Miranda Hodgson - 2011

August 2011

What kind of mouse built this nest?

An unusual pigeon

Common darter dragonflies visiting the garden

July 2011

Look out for Brown Hawker dragonflies visiting gardens

Hanging nut feeder attracts a young woodpecker

June 2011

Look out for Scarlet Tiger moths

May 2011

More blackbirds have discovered the dog food

Birds looking for food and water during the dry spell

Putting out more water for birds

April 2011

More wild bees in the garden

Finding leaf-cutter bee eggs in compost

Ten things seen for too short a time to photograph

Holes in the lawn

March 2011

The frogs are active but the ladybirds are still napping

February 2011

Where I see the most house sparrows

Red kites over Witney

Blackbird subsong during a weekend tidy up

January 2011

Bubble gum? No, pink slime mould.

How many birds can you spot without leaving home?

Wildlife highlights - review of 2010

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Wild About Gardening - RHS blog - Miranda Hodgson - 2010

December 2010

Frozen worm casts turn soil in to art

November 2010

Cobwebs of autumn

Have your hedgehogs gone into hibernation yet?

Egg-like spheres on roots and signs of the sparrow hawk

October 2010

What's in your bonfire heap?

Parasitic wasp larvae take contol of caterpillar

Watching the decay of the wasps’ nest

Is that a male or a female bee?

September 2010

Wood wasps in the log pile

A crayfish in the garden

August 2010

A white-headed blackbird and a lucky young toad

Young wrens in the garden, ladybird hiding places and we bid farewell to the wasps

Young robins and a quiet wasps' nest - summer is ending

July 2010

Grasshoppers in summer and a change in the world of wasps

Ladybird larvae come to the rescue

Apples for blackbirds and an update on the wasps

June 2010

Watching wasps build a nest

The grass snakes are back!

An empty pheasant nest and looking at lily beetle larvae

May 2010

Nearly time for the pheasant eggs to hatch

We have newts!

Young birds are out and about in the garden

April 2010

Finding toads in the vegetable beds

Is that a bee?

Bumblebees are nesting in the wall

Spring is really here and the birds are nesting

March 2010

Long-tailed tits tapping at windows

Beware of the mouse – if you’re sowing peas and beans, that is

Frogs returning to garden ponds herald the start of spring

Finding treasure in the compost heap, spring ladybirds and early bees

February 2010

A window opens to a garden full of birds

Woodpeckers find a louder drum

Amazing woodlice

January 2010

Lily the bear and frisky pigeons

Melting snow, aggressive blackbirds and home-made fat balls

Feed the birds

Ice, snow and the caterpillar's progress

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Wild About Gardening - RHS blog - Miranda Hodgson - 2009

December 2009

I found a caterpillar in the bath on Monday

What does your robin get up to?

Our supervisor, the robin

Looking at the gaps in an old stone wall

Oh no, we've got Muntjacs in the garden!

November 2009

A closer look at the log pile

Sounds like a good excuse to me!

Under the autumn leaves

A winter larder for bees

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