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  Humanure Compost - Video 5 (Pt 2)

Building a Compost Toilet - Thatching the Roof Part 2


This segment shows the second part of thatching the roof on the compost toilet
using traditional long straw thatching techniques.


November 2nd 2009

More Details:

Humanure Compost: Using mainly recycled or scavenged materials for our project, humanure compost is a way of closing the nutrient cycle rather than wasting valuable resources. Water use and soil fertility / structure are areas of concern and this approach gives a practical and safe method of dealing with both areas by letting nature's critters and biological processes turn what many consider waste into a valuable soil conditioner that reduces the need for reliance on oil based fertilisers. As well as using straw for thatching, straw bales work well at the front of the compost bays.

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