How to build a composting toilet - videos


How to build a composting toilet - videos



This is the building composting toilets video section, but you might also like to see the words, pictures & story in the kitchen garden journal.


This page has links to short clips for the building process. We'll be adding more, so remember to refresh the page when you come back to make sure you see any changes. Many of them are 'in the field', so apologies if the quality is a little 'al dente'.


Video 1 - Composting Toilets - Preparing the ground

Needing to be out of the way, but also nice to have a 'room with a view', it didn't take long to choose a site for the building of the straw bale hut to house the box.

See video: Composting Toilet - Preparing the ground


straw bale compost toilet with thatched roof


Well, when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go.

Video 2 - Building the Composting toilet unit

Done with a 'wing and a prayer', the box itself was a bit dependent on the materials to hand.

Being edited.


Video 3 - Building the straw bale walls

Somewhere cosy to put the box - what better than a straw bale building with a thatched roof?

Building the Composting Toilet Straw Bale Walls


Video 4 - Building the compost bays

Obviously buckets in composting toilets are going to fill-up. And that means somewhere to put the doings... a place and a method.

Being edited.


Video 5 - Thatching the roof of the straw bale building

Aiming for a fast and effective medieval style thatch. The thatchers wanted to experiment with how quickly a workable roof could be put on.

See videos:

Composting Toilet - Thatching a Roof Part 1

Composting Toilet - Thatching a Roof Part 2


composting toilet box

compost toilet box



Video 5a - A quick lesson in thatching

Matt and Dave give me and Miranda a very quick thatching lesson.

Thatching Lessons


Video 5b - Thatching the roof - the pinnacle

Quick finishing touches at the top of the thatching for the toilet hut.


Video 6 - Compost Toilet Finishing touches & installing the box

Rendering of the walls, lime-washing and installing the unit.


Video 7 - Compost toilets - what's the point?

Surprising things you might not know. Compost toilets just might be the solution to something that is about to hit the fan.


Video 8 - Composting toilets - Yes, but is it science?

There is much more to them than the old method of digging a hole in the ground. Nature wants to help, and science has helped to discover that.


Compost toilets - No, no, no! You're all going to die if you do that!

Scary reasons not to use a composting system.


Compost toilet video 10 - Still to do...

More finishing touches to the inside & putting in the rainwater harvesting system.


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