The Pleasure of Growing Your Own Food


The Pleasure of Growing Your Own Food

Food Miles


The Supply of Food


Our supermarkets are well stocked, but how long will this be sustainable given the details outlined by the latest climate change reports from the IPCC?


Some tomatoes

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The Pleasure of Growing your own Food

If you have experienced the pleasure of growing some of your own vegetables and doing things like picking beans from your patio for them to go straight into the steamer and onto a plate, then you'll know how good they taste and how satisfying it can be.


Maybe it's a placebo effect but it almost seems more nourishing and we like knowing where at least some of our vegetables have come from. No concerns about so called ready-to-eat bagged salad that may or may not give you salmonella or hepatitis, just pick some fresh leaves, wash them and you're away.


Basically, we are looking at ways to supplement our diet with things we can grow ourselves on a smaller scale than an allotment with the flexibility to grow in different environments and conditions.


It's a simple plan:


Grow - Eat - Enjoy


You grow veg, you cook it and then you and any friends you have visiting eat and enjoy it.


We're looking at various ways to grow some of our favourite vegetables (like beans, aubergines, chillies, tomatoes and salad / stir fry vegetables) without having to rely on everything coming from supermarkets or other countries.


Farmer's Markets

If you really are unable to try growing your own veg and strawberries, then why not try to find a local farmer's market.


Not only will you be able to get more local produce, but you'll be supporting local producers and not just big supermarkets transporting things like spring onions to the UK from South America or wherever they reckon they will make the most money from sourcing food.


You don't need to be an expert

Plants like to grow, and with some basic care, you can enjoy some fresh home produced vegetables and fruit without having to take on an allotment or become a vegetable expert.


There is nothing like a good home cooked pizza with your own tomatoes and herbs to make it worthwhile trying to grow some of your own food.





Food Miles


The Supply of Food


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