Planting hanging baskets - part 2

Here is the second part of our guide to planting up successful hanging baskets.


The first part is here: Planting hanging baskets - part 1


7. Put in the second layer of plastic.

Second layer of plastic

8. Add a good layer compost over the top of it.

Second layer of compost

9. Putting in the next layer of plants (5 lobelias) can be tricky because some of the gaps in the wire are narrower. If you're not careful, the tender young plants can be damaged as you try to mangle them through the small space.


To prevent damaging them, wrap each plant in a square of plastic first to help push it through the gap, then remove the plastic.  

Wrapped plant

10. Working as you did before, add another layer of moss around the plants' root balls. Firm it in gently, then fill in the centre space with compost.


Now it's time to add in the top layer of plants.


More moss and compost

11. Starting with the centre plant (in this case, an upright geranium), add in the top layer of plants. Add more compost as you go along so that each plant has plenty of space to grow into.

Top layer of plants

12. When you've finished planting, water the basket well and find it a spot where it can establish before you finally hang it out.


This could be in your greenhouse or in a brightly lit porch or conservatory.


To stop the basket chains tangling in the plants, push a bamboo cane into the middle of the basket and attach the chain hook it with a bit of wire.


Put a cane top on to the end of the cane so that no one can poke themselves on it.


Keep the basket somewhere warm and bright until the plants are growing well then hang it out when the danger of frosts has passed.

Finished basket



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