How much do gardening services cost?

It is important to us that you understand what we offer, what you can expect, and what we expect. Because we are a small company, prompt and timely payment is both appreciated and needed.


Our charges depend on what you want doing, how long it takes, and the level of expertise required to complete the job.

Because everyone has different requirements and needs, costs work like this:

For the garden survey

Garden surveys are based on a hourly fee. The length of time it takes to complete the survey will depend on the size of your garden; if your garden is large then five hours or more may be necessary, but we can also just look at one chosen area. We recommend the free consultation before taking advantage of the garden survey because from the results of the consultation we can tailor a survey to you.


For seasonal maintenance

Many people prefer to pay based on an hourly rate. For example:


The hourly rate is not split down into parts of an hour but does allow for flexibility. For example:

For work carried out on an hourly rate, payment is due at the time the work is completed.

For one-off projects

If you want to complete a specific garden project, we find out what you want to do, agree to the scope of the project and work out a price. If acceptable, we then have a written agreement that itemises what is included and what is not included. This protects you and us. For example, if you ask us to dig a pond and when digging starts, there is an underground WWII air-raid shelter and a cesspit, removal of these would not be included in the fixed price.

Short project:

For example, 1 week

A deposit is required in advance to go toward basic costs, with final payment on satisfactory completion of the project.

Longer project:

For example, 6 weeks

A deposit is required to cover initial costs with partial payments each week as the project progresses, with a final payment on satisfactory completion.


For longer contracts

Fees are charged at a pre-agreed monthly rate. Additional costs for plants and sundries are billed separately.

Invoices for annual contracts are payable each month in arrears.


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