Nectaroscordum siculum subsp. bulgaricum
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Nectaroscordum siculum - close-up


Nectaroscordum siculum



Nectaroscordum siculum subsp. bulgaricum (also called Sicilian honey garlic)






subsp. bulgaricum

General description

Bulbous ornamental onion, flowering in early summer. The flower literally drips nectar and is very attractive to bees.

Season of interest

Flowers in summer followed by upright seed heads.

Key horticultural features

  1.  Habit upright stem, lax leaves. H: 120cm, S: 10cm.

  2.  Leaves strap-like, keeled, mid-green and give off a pungent aroma when crushed.

  3. Stem mainly upright, though some bend at the bottom. Green and round. Stems snap easily so take care when working near this plant.

  4. Flowers and seeds - loose clusters of drooping, bell-shaped, purple-flushed flowers in May and June, tinted green at the base. The flowers drip a smelly nectar which is attractive to insects. As the flower begins to produce seed pods, each of the flower heads turns upwards, like a cluster of tiny minarets (see photo above). The seed heads are also good for use in flower arranging, either fresh or dried.

Cultural details


Sun or partial shade.


Well drained, light.


Fully hardy.


Lift and divide clumps in autumn. Grow amongst plants that have foliage which will support the stems, which can be a bit floppy.


Generally pest and disease free.


Plant seeds in autumn or divide clumps in spring. May also self seed.