Streptocarpus 'Crystal Ice'
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Streptocarpus 'Crystal Ice' - close-up



Streptocarpus ‘Crystal Ice’ (also called Cape primrose 'Crystal Ice')






‘Crystal Ice’

General description

Flowering, green leaved house plant. Originates in South Africa. Useful as part of a mixed indoor display. Mainly used as a house plant but can also be grown outdoors in summer, in humus-rich, moist but well-drained soil, in partial shade. Goes well in containers.

Season of interest

Flowers in summer.

Key horticultural features

  1. Rosette of coarse, crinkled, stemless leaves up to 20cm long.

  2. Prominent, pale green, central leaf vein.

  3. Trumpet shaped flowers, up to 5cm across, borne above leaves on slender green stems. Usually white, blue, purple, pink or red with veined white throats

Cultural details


Keep out of bright direct sun in east or west facing window.


Peat or fibre based compost.


Minimum of 15c in winter.


Keep moist, but not wet, and feed weekly during growing season. Allow to dry out between waterings. Lightly mist with water occasionally. Repot every year in spring, but not into too large a pot or flowering will be poor. Remove dead leaves and flowers promptly to prevent fungal infection. Allow to rest over winter.


Leaf cuttings – whole leaf, leaf sections or half a leaf set into moist compost, covered and kept warm for 6-8 weeks till plantlets emerge at base. These can be potted up and grown on. This plant may self-seed if the faded flowers are not removed.