Hebe 'Red Edge'
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Hebe 'Red Edge'


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Hebe 'Red Edge' (also called shrubby Veronica)






'Red Edge'

General description

Small evergreen shrub with flowers in summer. The leaves take on a pink tinge in autumn and winter, providing good winter colour, and become more grey-green in summer. Suitable as ground cover, containers, for low maintenance gardens, edging and for coastal areas. Tolerant of salty air and pollution.


The flowers attract wildlife.

Season of interest

Flowers in summer and colourful foliage in autumn and winter.

Key horticultural features

  1. Habit - fairly dense spreading mound,

  2. Leaves - paired, opposite, simple and about 2cm long. The leaves have reddish edges and take on a pinky tinge in autumn and winter.

  3. Flowers -  spikes of small, pale lilac, roughly salver-shaped flowers are borne at the tips of stems in summer and autumn.

Cultural details


Exposed or sheltered. Full sun or partial shade, though the best colour will result from full sun.


Well drained but moisture retentive. Alkaline or neutral.


Hardy to about -10c


Little pruning needed, remove damaged or misplaced stems in spring.


Can be affected by aphids, leaf spot and downy mildew.


Semi-hardwood cuttings in summer.