Euphorbia Redwing = 'Charam'
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Euphorbia Redwing Charam


Euphorbia Redwing Charam winter buds

Autumn buds.


Euphorbia Redwing = 'Charam' (also called Euphorbia Redwing and spurge Redwing)






Redwing = 'Charam'

General description

Roughly mound-forming herbaceous perennial, with blue-green leaves and bracts and flowers held in dense clusters. Good for early spring colour, especially in early morning light, when the lime green bracts appear almost neon. Suitable for mixed borders, low maintenance, gravel and Mediterranean gardens.

The flowers attract insects.

Season of interest

At its brightest in early spring, when the bracts open. During winter the plant takes on more reddish tones.

Key horticultural features

  1. Habit - upright, tending towards a dome shape. H&S: up to 75cm.

  2. Stems - rounded, fleshy and slightly brittle, red tinged. The stems exudes an irritant milky sap when broken.

  3. Leaves - no petioles, narrow, slightly succulent, green-blue. Young growth is tinged with red.

  4. Flowers/bracts - dense clusters of very bright lime-yellow cup shaped bracts, borne on red stems, hold tiny flowers which open in early spring. The buds appear in late autumn, starting green, then turning red before opening.

Cultural details


Sun to partial shade. East, west or south facing.


Well drained, light.


Hardy, but in cold or frost-prone areas plant at the base of a wall.


Cut back old flower heads to ground level in summer or autumn to promote next year's flowers.


May be affected by aphids and grey mould.


N.B. This plant exudes an irritant milky sap, so always wear gloves when working with it.



Divide in early spring or take basal cuttings in spring and summer. To prevent the cuttings bleeding sap, dip them in lukewarm water or powdered charcoal.




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Published: 04-01-2006

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