Gentiana acaulis

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Gentiana acaulis (also called Gentiana kochiana and stemless gentian)








General description

Evergreen, mat-forming, herbaceous perennial grown for its trumpet-shaped blue flowers which are borne in spring and summer - the above plant was flowering on the 11th of January at the Oxford University Botanic Gardens. Gentiana acaulis is found in mountainous areas of Europe and is ideal for rockeries, gravel gardens or the front of borders. This Gentian prefers an acid soil.


It attracts bumblebees and butterflies.

Season of interest

Blue flowers in spring and summer.

Key horticultural features

  1. Habit - low-growing and mat-forming. H: 2cm S: up to 30cm

  2. Stem - the flower has either a very short or no stem

  3. Leaves - mid green, elliptic and from 2 to 3.5cm long, opposite in a basal rosette, forming clumps.

  4. Flowers - up to 6cm long, trumpet-shaped, blue with white stamens, borne in spring and summer. The inside of the flower has raised olive-grey spots that look a bit like drops of wax.


Cultural details


Prefers full sun.


Acid to neutral, moist but well-drained.


Fully hardy.


Needs dividing every few years as the plant will eventually stop producing flowers at its centre. No pruning needed. Susceptible to root rot.



By division or off-shoots in spring or by fresh seed sown in autumn.