Yaktrax Pro - for walking on ice and snow


What are Yaktrax?

Yaktrax are based on a traditional Tibetan idea and named after the hardy and sure-footed Yak.


They are designed to give extra traction in ice snow and mud and are perfect for use around town and in the country.


You can use them with winter boots, wellington boots and shoes (but not stilletos!) as well as many other types of footwear.



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...Slipping on ice or snow can be painful and dangerous. Yaktrax can help reduce the risks of being out in Winter weather.

Why do people use Yaktrax Pro?

Walking in Winter weather can be tricky for even the most sure-footed person.

Even if you have the best winter boots and shoes it is not impossible to slip or fall, so people who want or need to be out in ice and snow use Yactrax to reduce the chances of injuring themselves.


They use Yactrax Pro because of the amazing gripping power and stability provided by the removable velcro fastener.

How do Yaktrax work?

Easy to put on and take off, Yaktrax work using lightweight rounded stainless steel coils that place hundreds of biting edges into the snow and ice every time you take a step. This gives you traction on ice and snow and reduces the likelihood of slipping or falling in treacherous icy conditions.

They don't need any special skill to use - just walk normally and with more confidence in icy conditions.


When you walk, work or run in a pair of Yaktrax, you feel the same solid predictable grip you usually feel on dry surfaces.

Perfect for anyone who wants to stay on their feet on ice or snow.

"...Easy to use and light enough to keep in your pocket"

Who uses Yaktrax?

While walking around town is not quite the same as being in the Himalayas, the principles of Yaktrax are just as relevant for people who want to reduce the chances of slipping or falling in ice or snow.


They are used by commuters, shoppers, postal staff, police, emergency crews, farmers dog walkers, joggers... in fact anyone who needs to go out in ice and snow can benefit from using them.


They have also been found to be of particular benefit to older people because as reaction time reduces and agility decreases, the chances of a fall that results in a more serious injury increases; so anything that can help reduce the chance of slipping or falling in icy conditions is a boon.


At the same time, they are extremely popular with people engaged in active outdoor sports those whose work involves being out and about in winter weather.

When can you use Yaktrax Pro?

Whether you are walking, working or running - Yaktrax give 360 degrees of traction and are good to -40 degrees centigrade.

We prefer the 'pro' version because there is a removable velcro performance strap - easy to use, it means you can add extra stability to your Yaktrax and stay more secure as you walk and turn - particularly on steep slopes and in deep snow.


You can use them with your wellington boots and other footwear, and because they have no sharp spikes and are lightweight, you can just pop them in your pocket or bag until you need them - easy to slip on, but clever enough to help stop you slipping when you need extra traction in treacherous icy conditions.

Are Yaktrax safe?

Whatever you have on your feet, when you walk on ice or snow or between ice and snow patches you should pay attention to where you are walking just like any other time.


Yactrax provide extra gripping power and traction, but even the best extra grip doesn't mean you can just ignore your surroundings or forget about common sense.


Safety in ice and snow conditions and safety using Yaktrax is important to think about.


...Staying safe on ice and snow needs common sense

How to choose Yaktrax?

We have tested Yaktrax on wellington boots as well as our regular shoes and boots. Read our advice on choosing the correct Yaktrax Pro size for your shoes and boots.


How do you put Yaktrax Pro on your boots and shoes?

Fitting is simple as long as you have chosen the correct size - see how to put on your Yaktrax with our instructions and photos.






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