Yaktrax Pro - Instructions for putting-on and taking-off

Reduce the risk of falling on ice or snow by using Yaktrax Pro lightweight ice treads.


Get a better grip and traction walking on ice or snow - they are ideal for commuters and shoppers.


Putting on your Yaktrax Pro ice walkers is easy with our guide.

Full instructions and info are included with every pair.


See our Yaktrax demo movie


There are 4 simple steps to fitting:

  1. Put Yaktrax Pro on the front of your wellington boots or shoes

  2. Pull the elastomer up the back of your boots and shoes

  3. Fasten the velcro support over the top of your boots for extra stability

  4. Check your Yactrax look OK

...and you're ready to go.


Detailed breakdown of steps showing tips and technique:

How to fit Yaktrax Pro
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Getting started

Make sure your Yaktrax Pro are the right way around - the large rubber tab should be at the back.


Make sure you have Yactrax Pro the right way up - the words and size (S, M, or L) should face out to the back.

Step 1 - Fit front

You can fit Yaktrax Pro standing or sitting - we find it easier to have the boot or shoe on first.


If you have the boots on, raise your toes and put the Yaktrax on the front part of your boot or shoe.


Sliding your fingers back along the stretchy elastomer as you put you toes down and make sure the edges of the Yaktrax are at the sides of your wellington boots.

Step 2 - Fit back

Raise your heel and pull the elastomer up over the heel of your wellies.


On some boots there is a small kick bar at the back of the heel - pull the rubber tab of the Yaktrax Pro up over the rubber kick-bar.


Step 3 - Fit velcro

We prefer to use the velcro fastener that gives extra stability to the Yaktrax - we think this is essential for wellingtons and larger boots, but on smaller shoes, you might find it a more an option for deeper snow or steep banks.


Personally, I prefer the extra stability.


Make sure that when you thread the velcro that the 'fat' part of the elastomer is at the top.


Failure to do this means you could break the gap for threading the velcro.


Secure the velcro - it does not need to be pulled really tight, but should be firm, not slack.


Step 4 Final check

If you are wearing a cleated boot, try fitting the elastomer in the cleats if possible to help reduce wear when you move from ice and snow to concrete.


Check that the elastomer is not twisted and that the stainless steel coils look relatively even.

Remember that Yaktrax Pro are not meant for indoor use.

Remove them before going on to a smooth or polished surface where you might slip.


To Remove your Yaktrax Pro ice walkers, you can stand or sit as you prefer.

Start at the back by taking hold of the rubber tab to carefully release them

by releasing the tension in the elastomer.


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