Yaktrax - Safety

Manufacturer's and independent testing of Yaktrax has shown that when used properly, they are brilliant for helping prevent slips and falls in icy conditions - this does not mean they offer a 100% guarantee that you cannot slip or fall at all - the only way to try and guarantee a person cannot slip or fall is to make sure that person doesn't stand up in the first place! Even then - it is possible to fall out of bed...


If there is nothing for the stainless steel coils to 'bite' into or against, they will slip, so DO NOT try and use them on smooth hard surfaces (e.g. marble, metal decking, tiled or polished wooden floors). Pay attention when moving from one type of surface to another - it's like driving a car, having an advanced brake system won't help you if you don't look where you are going or are reckless.


On ice they are amazing, but we have also 'walk tested' the Yaktrax when there is no ice and here is what we found:

  1. On concrete paths, they grip well against any 'bobbles' on the surface.

  2. On paving slabs they bite well against imperfections on the surface.

  3. On the tarmac road surface they appear to grip ok.

  4. On carpets they are fine (but your hosts may not invite you again)

  5. On tiling floors they are slippy.

  6. On hard lino tiles they are slippy.

  7. We did not test on marble floor because we didn't want to fall over!

  8. See our Yaktrax Pro demo movie.


The tests are not conclusive, but give an indication of what we found. Common sense usage is essential - Using Yaktrax does not remove the need to think. If you are the sort of person who would happily run out onto a frozen lake without thinking about testing the ice, then may we respectfully suggest that Yaktrax are probably not for you.


Our testing did indicate that it is not necessary to keep putting them on and taking them off when going around town and moving over ice and snow and then tarmac unless you meet a slippy surface; you just need to pay attention as you move across different surfaces. However, if you are moving from the street into a shop or office that does not have a carpet - but is tiled or has some other hard smooth surface take off the Yaktrax or you may slip.

Because they work by 'biting' into or against the ground surface to provide traction they can damage flooring like wood, laminates and softer lino that is used in kitchens - take them off on the rug or mat at the door.



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