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Fully bespoke (custom) garden planting plans

This is your very own fully personalised garden planting plan designed specifically for your garden.


It is based on your requirements, and created from info gathered during a garden consultation. We will look at the way you want to use your garden, features you want to retain or get rid of, along with the atmosphere you'd like to have there.


Fully bespoke plans are only available in the Oxfordshire area (we are based in Oxfordshire) and are priced according to an initial consultation and area to be planted.


The plan considers the aspect of your garden, its soil type and other environmental conditions.

Custom planting plan features

The detailed plans are attractively presented and include:

  • a drawing of your garden (or area to be planted)

  • plant positions

  • numbers and spacing of plants

  • brief plant descriptions

  • care notes.



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