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I grew up surrounded by plants, as my grandparents were market gardeners, growing vegetables and flowers for the cut flower market, near Durham. In the school holidays, from around the age of around eight, I liked to join the other staff and help out in the greenhouses or the cut flower shed, where bouquets were made. It was partly through my grandparents that I developed a love and fascination for plants and it has stayed with me and grown. Exploring the countryside around the nursery, especially the railway banks, also opened my eyes to the beauty of wild flowers.


Studying with the Royal Horticultural Society stoked the fires of a life-long passion and gave me a longing to work with plants and gardens.


To create planting plans, I work with a range of planting styles that reflect my plant knowledge and interests including

My inspirations come from many people, including Gertrude Jekyll, Beth Chatto, Piet Oudolf and Christopher Lloyd. Thanks also go to the plant writer Richard Bird - he was the one who really got me going.


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