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This was a small partially shaded courtyard at a farm house. The yard was neglected and had little planting. The client wanted a completely white garden and was working on a tight budget, so I used what existing planting there was and developed a new planting plan with a variety of bulbs, perennials and small shrubs. The idea here was to provide year round colour and create a peaceful space for sitting and for teaching small groups.



A family garden in Oxfordshire. This garden had been allowed to run wild, with shrubs growing into one another, and was in need of some changes.



It was a matter of re-shaping the lawn and replanting using a planting plan designed to provide privacy at either side, without having to erect the solid barrier of a fence. Again, I used existing plants where possible to reduce the price of buying in new plants. The end of the garden overlooks a water meadow, bounded by mature willow trees, so the hedging at the end was kept low so as to 'borrow' that landscape.



Almost a blank canvas, this garden had very little in it at all so the planting plans were started from scratch to suit the differing micro climates in the garden.



I changed the shape of the lawn, to flow around the house, and added wall-growing shrubs for privacy and a variety of low-maintenance shrubs, bulbs and perennials. This created a very attractive garden, full of colour and bursting with wildlife.


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